The Charge Books I make are made from leather and different metal elements as fasteners or decoration. The exterior is made from cowhide (vegetable tanned…using natural elements). The interior lining is typically one of the following:

  • thin cowhide (vegetable tanned) left its natural color with a bit of oil and a sealer to leave it with a beige or honey tone;
  • deer-tanned cowhide which is heavier and has a soft, luxurious feel to it.It’s color is generally bone, sand or honey (depends on which color I’ve managed to get);
  • chrome tanned upholstery leather gives much of the feel of deer-tanned cowhide, but offers a wider variety of colors;
  • thin pigskin (chorme tanned, i.e., using chromium salts and other chemicals) that is dark brown/black and has a hard texture to it.

In addition to the materails used, you have a variety of options to make your Charge Book your own. To learn about them, use the buttons below!

Reference prices for 2021….the prices below assume the pigskin lining, single color, 4″ of material, if a closure device is required it is a snap.

Add roughly $50 to the three- or four-sided reference prices for single piece books.

Two-sided with straps, sewn … $250
Three-sided (Reynolds Seam), sewn … $300
Four-sided (Reynolds Seam), sewn … $435

Two-sided with straps, laced … $495
Three-sided (Reynolds Seam), laced … $530
Four-sided (Reynolds Seam), laced … $740


Some of our Coast Guard Chief’s Charge Book Past Projects: