Currently Available Leather Items to Decorate your Home or Office. If you see something you like, hit the “Email Ric’s Leather” button; and drop me a line; and I’ll hook you up!

Meet “Oakie”….a steer skull wrapped in tooled leather. Center of tooled pattern is a floral pattern surrounded by oak leaves.  ($750.00)

The “Purdy Cow”, an all leather pciture/wall hanging. A combination of floral tooling, figure carving and stamping. ($400)


The Horny Hat Rack….a set of longhorns and four antler sheds to hang your hats on. A definite conversation piece. ($800)

“Delta Dawn” … Wall hanging of.tooled cowhide backed by pigskin. Edge wrapped in kangaroo lace. Mounted in a 19″ hoop wrapped in kangaroo using copper chain maille as connectors. ($460.00)

Leather pillows..these are 16″x16″, but can also make 12″x12″ versions. The first one shown is brown hair-on cowhide on side shown, with brown upholstery leather on the other side. Suede fringe on two sides. The second picturedis black calfskin on one side with the other side in black javalena (shown in picture); no fringe. ($167.50)

Prayer Messenger

“Prayer Messenger” Wall Hanging. Engraved acrylic with Cowhide and kangaroo lacing and knots($700)

Three dimensional (3D) Leather Lily and lilypad. Can hang on the wall or sit on a table. ($300)

Who says your bathroom doesn’t need leather as well! 

“The Floral Throne” ($225) (large oval)

“The Compass Rose” ($150) (regular round)


Embedded Dream Catcher….round and round they go….five in one dream catcher! ($82.50)

Roses and Fleathers. Can be hung on a wall using either side, or hang in the middle of a room and watch the hoops spin independently in the air currents. ($360.00)