Personal Items — cellphone holsters, wallets, money clips, koozies, plague doctor masks and much more . If you see something you like, hit the “Email Ric’s Leather” button; and drop me a line; and I’ll hook you up!

Cellphone holsters. These two plus some more are available, including at least one with laced outer edges. ($65 sewn; $85 laced)

Leather and wood rosary. Decade beads are wrapped with a kangaroo lace turkshead knot. ($75)

Leather koozies with wool lining to keep your drinks cold and protect your hands. Fits standard sized bottles and cans.($45.00)

Leather eyeglass case. ($75)

Applique (kangaroo lace) dog leash, 6 feet long with trigger snap. ($100)

Leather plague masks, lined. Red with black kangaroo lace or brown and sewn. ($45 brown; $75 red)

Roper wallet with basket weave pattern. ($90)

Magnetic money clips with kangaroo lacing. ($65)

Lined brown belt with basketweave and DG on the tip. This was an order that wasn’t picked up by the customer. If it will work for you, can be a great deal. ($80)

Python inlay belt (lined) and buckle. ($302.50)

Boot jack….wooden base with tooled leather cover and furniture tacks. Have other wood bases now that may be slightly smaller. ($267.50)

Another boot jack,russet with basket weave stamping. ($185.00)

Checkbook cover with laced edges. Holds book of checks and register. ($75)